Ethiopia is one of the ancient countries, located in the eastern part of Africa, known as the horn of Africa. The education system in Ethiopia is growing and the government is giving serious attention to technology, especially programming. So there are thousands of programmers graduating every year from different universities around Ethiopia.

Among them, there are highly skilled young people who are spending more time on a computer system to understand more about its technology and to be a part of it as a programmer.

Nathan Damtew – Founder of BeBlocky

One of those highly skilled programmers is Nathan Damtew. Nathan created an app to teach kids programming easily. His application, which is currently published on Play Store is called “BeBlocky“.

According to the press release of BeBlocky: BeBlocky is a friendly programmable robot. BeBlock uses toy-brick like programming blocks, so children can easily understand the coding process and grasp the variety of commands featured on the app. By dragging and dropping these blocks, they can creatively stack together programming components – events and operations –, thus programming BlockyBot. This way, they can command BlockyBot’s different actions, such as emotion, movement, reaction to different scenarios and many more.

Targeting Children

It is clear that BeBlocky is specifically made for children to teach them how to program.

We believe teaching programming to children is one way to empower them. It gives them tools to express themselves, just like drawing or singing. It helps them keep up with this rapidly changing world. We uphold that children should be aware of the basis of computers in addition to the regular science and mathematics studies needed to understand the world around them. It’s the closest thing to having superpowers we can teach children.

BeBlocky Website

So far there is NO similar app for Ethiopian children. So BeBlocky is the 1st to provide such a beautiful programming learning app for children. Even if a mature person is interested to learn to code, it is also used as a starting tool.

Our Thought

This young man must be encouraged in all ways to expand his app “BeBlocky” worldwide. The government of Ethiopia must support a young generation like Nathan to achieve their goal.

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