Addis International Bank (ADiB)

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The word “Addis” as part of the name of Addis International Bank S.C. (AdIB) carries double, meaning: new ideas/innovations and the first word of the capital city of Ethiopia where the Bank is born to shoulder its historic mission. The new vision and innovative ideas/approaches that were initially brewed in Addis will however be shared with potential customers all over the country through branches that will eventually be opened very soon.

AdIB is established by diversified groups of shareholders, Cooperatives, Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs), Iddirs, other business organizations, and individual citizens. The major shareholders of the Bank are Cooperatives and their members.

The Cooperatives are mainly engaged in the provision of financial services, export business, manufacturing, and services. The members of the major shareholders are mainly low and middle-income citizens. The Micro Finance Institutions also address the financial needs of the “Unbanked” citizens.

AdIB endeavours to be an inclusive Bank that addresses the financial needs of different income groups in the country. It has the plan to penetrate the huge market that host low, and middle-income people through Cooperatives and Micro Finance Institutions. AdIB will expand its operating by opening new branches at market centers within and outside Addis.

  • Head Office Addis Ababa, Kirkos Sub-City, around Bambis area, in front of NOC fuel station, Jomo Kenyatta St., Zequala Complex Bldg.
  • Tel: +251 115 54 98 00 / +251 115 54 97 74
  • 1 Main Addis Ababa, Kirkos Sub-City, Jomo Kenyatta St., Zequala Complex Bldg.
  • Tel: +251 115 57 05 01 / +251 115 54 97 98