In order to become a contributor (writer), you should read and accept our contributor’s terms and conditions.

  1. Contributors are just writers for website and HABTAM hard paper magazine. We may or not publish your contribution on our hard paper magazine.
  2. After the submission of your article, there is a serious editorial review. So once your article is approved, it will be published on the website or on the hard paper magazine, we will decide.
    • In order to become a contributor (writer on HABTAM), you should be a writer, business owner, economist, consultant, speaker, talk show host, event organizer, or related. Otherwise if you think that you have enough knowledge to share with others, you must know how to change your thoughts to a written text. JUST FEEL FREE AND SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE!
    • Minimum: 700 words required for a single article.
    • Maximum: 1500 words for a single article. Longer are accepted, but we publish only better words.
    • Topics must be educational, motivational, and inspirational.
    • The article must be fresh or unique, easy to understand, and high quality.
    • The article must be free from politics-focused, racism and violence.
    • All articles must be related to business or lifestyle and other categories that are available on HABTAM.
    • ENGLISH LANGUAGE SKILL: You don’t have to be fluent in English, but you must have good English language writing skill. You can use our recommended software to help you with your grammar. See it below.
  3. PLAGIARISM: We take it in two ways.The first is: You cannot steal someone’s work.Second: You cannot republish your article on other websites due to plagiarism. It hurts our SEO. Once we found your content on other websites, we will do a serious investigation and may remove your contributor access and delete all your articles or we will keep your articles and modify and publish it in any way as a penalty for your bad work. So this is a serious issue.Plagiarism is the “wrongful appropriation” and “stealing and publication” of another author’s “language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions” and the representation of them as one’s own original work.Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty and a breach of journalistic ethics.So Google considered the duplicated content as a breach! It is also a rare case to get the duplicate article indexed on Google. Google may even think that we have changed the article date to disguise as an old article. So We encourage you to stay away from plagiarism.
  4. COPYRIGHT ISSUE: When you write articles, don’t forget to follow the copyright rules, means:- YOU CANNOT TAKE SOMEONE’S WORK WITHOUT THEIR PRIVILEGE! So you have to tell them that their work (text and image) will be published on HABTAM magazine, both online and hard paper. Finally, you have to quote their full name and other necessary information as directed by the copyright owner.
  5. RECOMMENDATIONS: All Contributors (writers) are recommended to use Grammarly Software for English articles. The chrome extension is available on Chrome Store.
  6. BACKUP: It is always good to backup your articles on your personal storage (offline), in case of data loss and if you want to submit again. We think our website, HABTAM is safe, and we always try to keep it safe.
  7. ARTICLE MODIFICATION: Contributors (writers) can Edit and republish the article with limited time, but the approval decision falls on the Editor of HABTAM. If it is not necessary, we won’t update your article. So, in this case, you may need to write a new related article. This will help you build your skill too.
  8. PAYMENT: For contributors, read the available options. You may or not required to pay to publish your articles. For readers, currently it is 100% FREE to use HABTAM.
  9. REWARDS: We only reward contributors, if their content is quality or better than all other related contents or in a specific category. So our reward system is a surprise. So just focus on writing a great article! And we will be behind you and watch your activity. JUST FOCUS ON SHARING KNOWLEDGE! THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO ARE IN NEED OF YOUR HELP!
  10. ARTICLE OWNERSHIP: After the article is published on website or in the hard paper magazine, it will become the custody of HABTAM. We or our partner sites can publish it (based on HABTAM’s decision), but we don’t do anything bad (Except for proper modification, if required) on the article. Your credit is yours forever! Because we respect your skill and effort!
  11. CREDIT FOR ARTICLES: Full credit for every article will be given to the contributors (writers) forever. You will keep your contribution credit forever (As long as HABTAM is active).
  12. ARTICLE SHARE: You are allowed to share your articles, even invite others to use HABTAM for legal purposes. But you cannot write on other websites. See the plagiarism section to understand more.
  13. ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES: Any illegal activities on HABTAM is forbidden by Law. If we found any illegal or suspicious activities:
    • We may block you from accessing some features of your contributor account.
    • We may temporarily disable your account. In this case, you can’t create another account. You have to wait instead.
    • If we found something bad, we will ban you forever! We may even consider taking a legal action.
  14. DELETING OR REMOVING OF ARTICLES: First HABTAM wants to say “Sorry” incase if you feel bad while using HABTAM’s service. Sadly it is impossible to remove your submitted articles from HABTAM. In case, if you want to remove your contribution from HABTAM for a proper reason we might understand, give us a proper reason and we will consider your request and processed it. This may take some weeks or even months due to SEO issues. Use this email: HabtamArticle(@)
  15. Your use of anything connected to, our newsletter, our RSS feed or our website is completely at your own risk.
  16. AGREEMENT: You must agree that we can change these terms and condition anytime we want and all the past, the current and future articles are (will be) under this (or future updated) terms and conditions of HABTAM.

Thank you for reading our contributor’s terms and conditions.



  • STEP 1: Send your article to HabtamArticle(@) (Remove brackets).
  • STEP 2: If your article is accepted, it will be published.
  • STEP 3: We will also create a new HABTAM account and send to your email, so you can use it to submit and publish your future articles. In case, if you didn’t hear anything from us, that means: Your article was not accepted. Usually, it takes up to 4 weeks to publish your article after a serious editorial review.
  • More than 90% of submitted articles will be published. Even if we found errors in your article, we will try our best to modify it and keep your article with us. So no need to worry. Just submit your articles. 🙂


Get High Priority For Review And Approval

If you want a fast review and approval, you can pay a fixed $10 per article. So, when you submit your article, just quote that you want a fast review, and we will send you payment information in order to pay and get approved. Once we we confirm the payment, your article will be published within 1-7 working days [100% GUARANTEED].

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