Terms and Conditions for Contributors (Authors or writers)

In order to become a contributor (author or writer), you should read and accept our contributor’s terms and conditions.

  1. Contributors (Authors) are just writers on habtam.com and HABTAM hard paper magazine.
  2. There is a serious requirement before you are selected as a writer.
  3. In order to become a contributor (author or writer), you should be a business person, economist, consultant, or related.
  4. All contributed articles must be unique, easy to understand, high quality, and free from racism and violence.
  5. COPYRIGHT ISSUE: When you write articles, don’t forget to follow the copyright rules, means:- YOU CANNOT TAKE SOMEONE’S WORK WITHOUT THEIR RESPECTED PRIVILEGE! So you have to tell them that their work (text and image) will be published on HABTAM magazine, both online and hard paper. Finally, you have to quote their full name and other necessary information as directed by the first owner.
  6. RECOMMENDATIONS: All Contributors (authors or writers) are recommended to use Grammarly Software for English articles. The chrome extension is available on Chrome Store.

    It is always good to backup your articles, in case of data loss and if you want to submit again.
  7. ARTICLE MODIFICATION: Contributors (authors or writers) can request to modify and republish for the online articles published by “HABTAM Official” or “Ephrem Firew Asrat”, the founder.
  8. PAYMENT: Contributors (authors or writers) for the hard paper magazine will get paid 1000ETB per article after the magazine is successfully published. You will receive your payment through your bank account. If the magazine is NOT published, you will NOT get paid. You should wait until the HABTAM magazine is published.

    CONTRIBUTORS FOR ONLINE ARTICLES will NOT get paid, but their article will be shared on social media (Linkedin, facebook, twitter, etc…), so they will get popularity based on their content quality.


    Currently, HABTAM is NOT making any money ONLINE, because it is a new magazine. When HABTAM starts making continuous money online, selected contributors (authors or writers) will get paid. We believe in sharing and you should get paid at least for your precious contribution and for the encouragement!
  9. ARTICLE OWNERSHIP: After the article published, it will become the custody of HABTAM. So contributors (authors or writers) cannot delete or modify it, but they can pass their request and we will make a decision based on the situation.
  10. Full credit for every article will be given to the contributors (authors or writers) forever. We respect and keep your contribution forever.
  11. All contributors (authors or writers) must use the form prepared by HABTAM. Contributors (Authors) may get a chance to become an author on HABTAM.com and will be granted an author account to write their articles easily.
  12. You are allowed to share your articles, even invite others to use HABTAM for legal purpose.

If you agree and fulfill all the requirements, you can follow the link below to submit your articles.

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