What is HABTAM Lottery?

HABTAM is an online Lottery exclusively made for Ethiopian Diasporas or for those who live in foreign countries (Outside of Ethiopia). Members can have a free HABTAM account, participate in the product lotteries, and if they win, the product will be sent to their family or friend according to the given address. This means, they can use this opportunity to send their prize as a gift to someone they know.

What is the difference between the billing address and shipping address?

A Habtam Lottery may not have an option to add a shipping address on checkout page. So no worries unless we activate it. But for any other gift product, if available on Habtam for a direct sale, you must understand the difference between these two addresses.

A Billing Address is the address on the credit card that is being used to place the order of HABTAM product lottery. Typically, people use the same credit card address on the shopping site check process.

A Shipping Address is the address to which you would like your order shipped. Your Shipping Address must be in Ethiopia.

Where is my Lottery Number?

Once your complete your payment, you will receive an automatic lottery number within 24 hour with a different email (Other than order completed). If you didn’t receive anything, please check your spam and junk folder, wait 24 hour and contact us, we will send you your ticket number again.

Can I buy multiple tickets?

As long as for a good purpose and surely not for bad purpose, you are allowed to buy multiple tickets. If you win using one of your tickets, the prize is yours.

Can I use my previous lottery number for other rounds?

Your lottery number is a one time number. You cannot use it for other rounds. If your number is not selected, it is over. You can try your luck again.

How can I know the status of the lottery?

Once the product lottery progress reach 100%, we will have a LIVE program on HABTAM TV, a YouTube Channel via Live Stream, and the lottery number selection process will be started! Don’t forget to check website. In case, if you have missed the LIVE streaming program and if you win or your number is selected, we will contact you. So no need to worry!

What will happen if I win?

If you are selected or win any product lottery, we will contact you to send us your shipping info. Once the shipping info is confirmed by email address registered on your account, we will reward your friend, family, or the person mentioned in the email conversation. So if you are the winner, check your email and also make your phone available.

What is the best thing from HABTAM?

We have a program called “Mastezazegna” Extra prize, so based on each round, we are hoping that many other people may receive this prize. 

What happens if I try to cheat in any way?

There is no way to cheat us! Because our system is fully operable offline. But if you try to cheat us, your account will be suspended and you will be banned forever. Even if you win, we will reward your prize to the new winner!

Disabled Features

Do I need to pay to have a HABTAM account? (Account Feature Disabled)

NO! You don’t need to pay any penny to have a HABTAM account. It is FREE to create a free account on HABTAM. You will only pay when you participate on each product lottery.

(Account Feature Disabled)

Can I share my account with other people? (Account Feature Disabled)

NO! You can’t share your account with other people. If you do that, it is against our Terms and Conditions policy! If you do that, We will suspend your account!

(Account Feature Disabled)

What happens if my account got hacked? (Account Feature Disabled)

You are responsible for your account! If your account got hacked, try to login with Google and set your a new password. You don’t need a password to login, but it is better to change it to something difficult, because if we start allowing people to log in with password, you will need it.

(Account Feature Disabled)