It is really a rare case to have a fake employee working in your company, but it can really happen if you have management with poor performance. Most of the time, the management problem can easily be fixed by having a serious meeting. But catching and dealing with fake employees who are working in other positions of your company is not an easy task.

First thing first! Fix your managment problem

Your management team is the highest authority and responsible for employee management in your company. If you have a good management team, you will have best employees working for you, but if you have a bad management team, you will have bad employees and surely within the next few months, your company will become bankrupted and you will be forced to close it. So if you really have a problem with your management side, you better fix it as soon as possible. This is the 1st thing you have to do in order to catch and deal with other fake employees who are working in your company. Your management team can use professional methods to show you different reports of every employee. This will let you start to fix the biggest problem in your company.

Working with the management team, what to do next

Once you have fixed the issue with your management team, you can start working together, so this is what you have to do next:

  • Command the HRM to follow the basic activity of all employees and to prepare and give you a report for each (suspected) employees. The basic activity is the common activity which all employees must do daily while working in your company, for example:- Time Attendance. If one of your employees is cheating on-time attendance, you will know it. If you have installed a fingerprint biometric machine, ask the HRM to give you a detail report of a specific employee. So you can deal with those fake employees by applying a managerial action.
  • Ask the head of departments to follow the daily task activities of each employee in their respected department and to prepare and give you an on-work performance report of each (suspected) employees.

Examining the employee data

Ok, you have data to start a deep analysis to find fake employees. So the next thing you have to do is to examine the data of each employee. The examining process must follow the rules and regulations of your company. Some departments may have their own additional terms and conditions, so be careful when it comes to examining process.

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