In every business, at least there is one problem, and some problems could be tough to control, so they can easily make things complicated and even makes you close the entire business and put you in the loser’s list.

So in order to prevent the rise of future problems, you must detect the problem from the beginning, which is detecting critical vulnerability that causes future problems.

There are many reasons that help this vulnerability to rise. These reasons could be your company structure or organogram, bad personal behavior of employees, unstable workflow system, and so on.

How can a reason help the vulnerability

For example, if we take “The structure of the company”, it is the responsibility of the management team to create a good easy-to-understand organogram for your company. So your employees can use it to understand the company and accomplish their daily tasks according to their respective department.

And if we take “The bad personal behavior of employees”, this will cause fight, laziness, and other serious problems even lead to the destruction of your company. And this is the responsibility of HRM (Human Ressource Management) to control every employee that comes to work in the company.

The last example will be “The workflow system”. We can easily understand that without a workflow system, you can NOT do anything, and your company will be turned into a kindergarten.

So every business has it and it is the responsibility of you or your management to create that system. Generally, a bad organogram, HRM, and a workflow system will definitely help create critical vulnerabilities that will lead to a serious problem. You should setup everything in order to control these reasons, so vulnerabilities can NOT be created. Because once these reasons become uncontrolled, they can easily create vulnerabilities, and vulnerabilities lead to a serious problem.

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