Proper handling of a customer issue definitely makes things easier for the development of your company. Because as a business, the growth of your company will always rely on the number of your customers. What this really means is that when you start having many customers, your company is growing, and this is the sign of having satisfied customers. And the reason for their satisfaction will always fall on your company’s customer handling system, which’s led by you or your management.

If your company is handling the customer issue properly, you will definitely have a chance to keep the customer with you for a long period of time. So how to handle your customer issue in order to keep your customer with you and make your company the last option or service provider in the sight of your customer? When it comes to handling your customer issue, these are what you have to do.

1. Have enough knowledge of your company (service or product).

Surely no one likes to get a wrong implication in the sight of customers. So:-

  • What is your service or product?
  • What methods are you using to give service?

These are the main questions and you should have a clear answer on your mind, so you can give information to your customer especially on the first contact or conversation. If you don’t have an answer for your customer, your customer may think that your company is NOT ready to serve or even considers it as a scam.

2. Have a general knowledge

Grow yourself with books and information. Sometimes it is NOT enough to answer your customer’s question. Because different customers come. And you should be able to use words properly in order to make things clear and let your customers understand about the issue.

3. Have willingness and respect to listen, understand, and to give a solution for the issue of your customer.

What is your customer really asking? You must stop talking and start listening to your customer. Once you understand the issue, you can use your knowledge to provide the best solution.

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