This question is still being asked by thousands of people every day. And we all agree that it is NOT easy stuff especially for a person who is a complete beginner for online activities.

Let’s assume that you are on the internet doing your own stuff. Like, searching on Google to find a solution for something, and Google gives you the best result out of millions of webpages, or maybe you are on an academic site learning using educational resources, or you might need a website for your startup business, and while browsing you might be wondering how all these stuff works and would like to know more about them in order to start your own website.

So whether you are going to launch your blog, personal or business website, in order to launch your first website, you should have a basic understanding of how the internet network works. It is also common to assume that you already have enough knowledge of using a computer and word processing applications. Because All these things are mandatory to know. Otherwise, you will be stacked while in the development process in the future.

What is the Internet?

Internet is a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols.

Word Processing Applications

These applications let you write your website contents in a professional way. Example Application: Microsoft Word for Windows Operating System, LibreOffice for Linux Operating System, or any kind of app or software that will allow you to write and save your contents.

Things you need to launch your first website

  1. Hosting Service Provider
  2. Domain Name
  3. Web Designer or Developer (Optional)

1. What is Hosting Service Provider

Cloud Web Server

A hosting service provider is a company who is ready to serve you by giving you a file storage space for your website contents. Without a hosting company, it is impossible to launch your website unless you make your own web server. So what this means is:- Hosting companies have giant servers to store your website files. Typically, your website’s files are (HTML, CSS, PHP, TEXT, PICTURE, and etc…).

Hosting Companies provides this service as a package, and you should be careful when choosing one. But as a starter, you can start from the smallest one and upgrade your package in the future.

Recommended Hosting Company in Ethiopia:

There are many hosting companies in Ethiopia and I personally recommend Hahu Cloud. Because Hahu Cloud provides the best hosting service at a very cheap price. Their starter package starts from 600 ETB. You should buy it and start your online journey now.

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2. What is a Domain Name

Domain Names

A Domain Name is your website address. Like, or A domain can be your business name, your personal name, or anything. A good domain name has less than or equal to 6 characters. For Example, HABTAM has 6 characters and considered as a good domain name. A domain name can also be considered as Premium if it is valuable, has a good meaning or highly searched keyword on search engines like Google. So a standard domain name can be taken under $20 per year, and a premium domain name can be taken from $100. Some of the premium domain can be sold in thousands. There is a domain market place where people are buying and selling domain names. The most trusted international market is Godaddy.

A domain name is a label that identifies a network domain: a distinct group of computers under a central administration or authority. Within the Internet, domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System. Any name registered in the DNS is a domain name. (Definition Source: Wikipedia)

Most hosting service providers give you a free domain name with their hosting package. One example is HahuCloud. Hahu Cloud provides free domain registration with the hosting package. It is completely free and there is NO additional cost.

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3. Web Designer or Developer (Optional)

Web Designer or Developer

It is NOT mandatory to hire a web designer or developer. Because many tutorials are available on the internet, so you can learn from them. Simply type this search term on Google and it will give you tons of results “How to design a website”. But if you want to learn fast or launch your website as soon as possible, you can hire a web designer or developer. Below I have listed my recommended website designers.

  1. Ephrem Firew Asrat (A Free Lancer Website Designer, the founder of and the author of this article). +251984951485
  2. Hahu CLoud (A hosting company which also provides a website design service). +251909276357


I am sure you have learned how you can have a website in an easy way. I am hoping to see your website and also interested to feature them on if they are worthy.

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