Every small business, whether it is managed by 1 or more people, has a speaker or communication person.

As a small business, it is common that you are a responsible person almost for all activities in your company, so you use your communication skill for some events. For Example:- on a business deal or agreement, and on a meeting with other people. Your communication skill can help grow your small business if you use it in a formal way. But wait… Is there any informal way of using a communication skill? The answer to that kind of question is always “YES”. So let’s see the rules, DO’s and Don’ts to understand more about using your communication skill properly.

Rules you should follow in a business communication

  • FOCUS ON ONE TOPIC: You can’t talk about another story unless it’s required to support the main topic. You may need to quote from general knowledge to talk about things related to the main topic, but you must stay inside of the main topic.
  • USE EXAMPLES: You can use different examples to support the main topic and to build trust between you and the person who is talking to you.
  • USE YOUR TIME: Your communication is limited by time, so make sure you use your time properly. Otherwise, you will make things complicated, and even end up having bored people listening to you. I am sure you know what will happen when bored people listen. It is just vain. They listen in one ear and goes out by another ear. So be careful to use your time properly.
  • USE BUSINESS WORDS: The words you use in your communication will definitely matter. So attention will be given to you. And this is the right moment to show some formality. Have you heard about “Business English”? You must learn it. This will let you use “Sir” instead of “Ma men!”.


As we have learned in the above paragraphs, your communication skill can easily kill your business or grow it every day to another level. But the decision is yours.

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