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HABTAM is a business and lifestyle magazine, founded on January 8, 2018, G.C by Ephrem Firew Asrat in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Currently, HABTAM is publishing articles mainly in business and lifestyle categories. HABTAM also covers fashion, travel, food, health, money, finance, marriage, and other categories.

HABTAM is available worldwide as a multilingual magazine, publishing articles for all business types and communities in order to help them achieve their goals and to make them successful.

Our contributors are highly motivated and experienced in business and lifestyle categories. So every article that will be published on HABTAM is really helpful for targeted readers.

Ephrem Firew Asrat, Founder of HABTAM
Ephrem Firew Asrat, Founder of HABTAM


  • To share free knowledge and information.
  • To sell products in a very easy and fast way.



  • SERVICE: To serve the business community by providing business articles and also for the all people in their daily lifestyle.
  • GUIDANCE: To guide startup business owners to the right direction and and also for the all people in their daily lifestyle.
  • DIFFERENCE: To make a difference in the business community and also for the all people in their daily lifestyle.
  • SUPPORT: To support all entrepreneurs succeed in their business journey and and also for the all people in their daily lifestyle.


  • TIME: we believe in the schedule.
  • EQUALITY: We believe that all people are equal.
  • RESPECT: We respect those who deserve respect.
  • PRIORITY: We think that those who think about business are our main targets so we give them a special priority.

CONTACT ADDRESS (For Advertising and all inquiries)

Have anything to say, here is our email address: HabtamOfficial(@)gmail.com
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If you are interested to become partner with HABTAM, you can visit our partnership page.

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If you are a legal media looking for information to talk about HABTAM, please visit our Press Kit page.

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Face to face video call on WhatsApp required, especially for G-CON award related inquiries!

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